Harmony Day Support believes we are called to provide encouragement and support to adolescents and adults with various levels of disabilities. The learning environment focuses on building upon the unique individual strengths of those we serve. Our Core Curriculum focuses on Whole Person Development both at day support and out in the community. It is our goal to provide caring personalized attention and learning opportunities with a focus on Social, Academic, Independent Living, Spiritual Support, and Employment preparation training.

Social Development

Social and emotional changes show the independent changes an individual goes through daily. At Harmony Day Support we encourage social development through peer and staff relationships, cultural background, day support interaction, as well as family and community expectations. This social development aspect focuses on relationships, emotions, self- control, compromise and coping with change. It is important that as we focus on this area that the individual is learning to grow and respond to the concepts of common courtesy, being well-rounded, and giving them the tools to develop healthy and vibrant relationships. By learning and growing socially individuals can experience a more rewarding life.

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Academic Development

At Harmony Day support our challenge is to create an academic environment that is designed to meet the unique challenges of our individuals. Our focus is to grow and develop each individual’s capacity to learn across curriculums to help them with decision making, sensory development, and further independent living skills. Our areas of focus include academics improvement in word recognition, math/money competencies, communication, writing skills, and educational exploration.

Independent Living

 Is a key component within the Harmony Day Support curriculum. Our staff focus on each individual’s plan to increase areas of independent strengths and help grow and support areas that will empower each individual’s Independent Living Skills. Our goal is to assist our individual’s by helping them learn, grow, and nurture relationships with their peers and actively participate in the community around them.

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Spiritual Support

Harmony Day Support proudly supports the unique contributions of our individuals to both their families and community. Our staff play a significant role in providing support to our individuals on many levels. We offer various opportunities for our individuals to participate in community and spiritual led activities that take place both on campus and within the community.

Employment Preparation

At Harmony Day Support we strive to create an environment that supports vocational awareness and opportunity. Our staff discuss work- force opportunities and required job skills. Our individuals experience opportunities to view various job types, understand the standards of work performance, and what’s required to pursue employment opportunities. We seek to empower each individual to pursue employment and volunteer opportunities in areas of interest and skill level.