The Joys of Cooking

Cooking is a way for people to bond with family, partners, and friends. For some, it is an edible art form. Staff at Harmony know how important it is that our individuals learn needed independent living skills, like doing laundry or cleaning, so that they may gain employment and have the ability to one day live on their own. Currently, cooking is the skill that our individuals ask staff to do regularly. Each Thursday, our individuals learn about kitchen safety, portion control, and healthy food choices. We have one kitchen but are in the process of building another in the reconstruction of our newly acquired downstairs space.

What’s Your Favorite Food?

You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite food! Do they like it spicy? Sweet? Tangy? Cold? Hot? We asked some of our individuals and staff what their favorite foods are.

William loves baked beans and always makes sure to get some during out cookouts!
Sheena likes homemade mac and cheese.
Evelyn says that she likes chicken since she cooks it all the time!
Pervis says he’ll eat anything but he likes a good steak the most.
David’s favorite dessert is ice cream.
Kaitlin loves empanadas, especially ones filled with shrimp!
Dylan really likes Chinese food.
Linda said she’ll eat anything if it’s good.
Jerard likes pizza!
Shelly loves breakfast foods like hash browns and eggs.
Chris said he’s interested in cooking tater tot casserole.
Jon likes any food that’s quick and easy to make.

Fundraising and Food

Food and fundraising go hand in hand! Come join Harmony Day Support for our Texas Roadhouse Fundraising Event on June 25th between 4PM and 10PM! Show the Facebook Event or a paper filer to your server to ensure that a portion of the proceeds is donated to Harmony Day Support. Can’t make it out that night? Come buy a bag of Texas Roadhouse Peanuts from us for $5!

Staff member William cooking Turkey Burgers