The Importance of Music

Music plays an important role in the lives of most people. Music can be calming or invigorating, ready for any mood or event. Staff at Harmony have discovered the joy that music brings to our individuals through listening to their favorite genres or making their own songs by singing and using instruments. Currently, individuals have access to five tablets that have multiple music applications on them such as Pandora. Our individuals use music as a coping skill, for educational purposes, and for their own enjoyment and self care.

What’s Your Favorite Song?

You can tell a lot about somebody based on their favorite type of music! Or, somebody’s favorite song or genre can surprise you. We asked some of our staff and individuals if they have a favorite song, genre, etc.

  • Carol loves all things Elvis because “he’s got a great voice.”
  • Jason likes a variety of Gospel music.
  • Heather loves music from Post Malone.
  • Kevin will listen to anything depending on his mood!
  • Cathy likes Contemporary Christian, like the group Bethel Music.
  • PJ likes R&B and Rap, anything that “gets him pumped or speaks to him.”
  • Beverly’s favorite musical artist is Michael Jackson!
  • Kaitlin listens to artists that do Symphonic Metal.
  • Amanda loves music from the movie Dirty Dancing.
  • Shelly has as eclectic taste in music, ranging from Opera to Rock.
  • Glenn loves all forms of country music!
  • Jon likes songs from the band Nickleback.

Disabilities and Music: Breaking Boundaries

Did you know that there is a Drum Corp and Marching Band in New York just for people with disabilities? The FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps was established in 2010 in New York state to provide new opportunities for differently-abled people who share the same passion for music and the marching arts. The founder of the Corps is Brian Calhoun, a Senior Music Specialist at Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, INC.  The FREE players have performed in various competitions and have even gone to finals. Music is powerful and breaks boundaries, it demonstrates that anyone can communicate through the universal language of music!